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Diet and nutrition

Diet will play a key role in maintaining a healthy weight after weight-loss surgery.

The dietician will prepare an individual plan for you with plenty of fun and interesting food ideas, so it’s easy to stick to the course and make permanent healthy changes.

The role of the dietician

Bariatric surgery reduces the amount of food you are able to eat, which assists you to reach your desired weight.

Before and after the surgery, our experienced bariatric dietitian will work with you to make the transition to smaller portions less stressful.  They will make sure you have access to a well-balanced diet with the micronutrients, vitamins, and supplements needed for sustained healthy weight.

A pre-surgery consultation will take place two to four weeks to surgery. At this consultation, you will be given a very low energy/caloric diet (VLED/VLCD) to kickstart your weight loss and make the surgery safer.

After that, regular follow ups will include dietetics consultations to ensure maximum and safe outcomes for our patients.

Commonly asked questions about our Diet & Nutrition Program

How can a dietician help me achieve my weight loss goals?

Our dietetics consultant provides you with an individualised program that ensures a safer surgery, faster recovery, and easier maintenance of weight loss after surgery.

What guidance can a dietician provide?

With regular reviews, our dietician will provide guidance related to:

  • Pre-surgery Very Low Caloric Diet.
  • Post-surgical fluid diet, puree, soft and light diet options.
  • Vitamin levels, supplements and balanced proteins.
  • Hydrational status

Does the type of food impact on surgical outcomes?

Bariatric surgery provides a great kickstart to weight loss and a fantastic solution to obesity, but a key to maintaining the weight loss is having a balanced diet.

A balanced diet is necessary to overcome vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies which may affect many health aspects.


Kellie Millard is the dietician at The Hills Weight Loss & Reflux Clinic