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Exercise Physiology

A key to every bariatric surgery and your success in maintaining weight loss is being active.

Multiple studies have shown that the programs that combine both exercise and nutritional support result in better long-term results.

The joy of movement

Combining bariatric surgery with an exercise program will help you enjoy the results of better physical shape outcomes in addition to its well-established effect on blood pressure, cholesterol, bone density and mental health.

At The Hills Weight Loss & Reflux Clinic, we have partnered with an accredited exercise physiologist who is highly skilled in behaviour change and exercise regimes that would give you the best outcomes.

Exercise physiologists aim to guide you through the journey and focus on the process not just the outcome of achieving the best weight loss results, but of having more energy and fewer chronic health concerns.

They help you achieve the milestones necessary through a well-balanced customised regime and follow-up for each patient.

Commonly asked questions about our Exercise Program

How hard do I need to exercise?

We understand that exercise can be difficult especially when we have excess weight.

Our approach is to tailor the treatment specifically for your needs and your abilities. The most important step is ensuring thorough assessment of patients before surgery, then regular follow-ups after surgery.

Light exercise initially will help you achieve miles in your journey.

How soon can I start exercising after surgery?

A slow but steady start is usually the best policy.

Start with short walks, then add some aerobic exercises to increase the range of motion following surgery.

This typically can start within one week of surgery, then gradual increment will be implemented through a tailored program which will be directed through every visit.


Alex Fielding is the Exercise Physiologist at The Hills Weight Loss & Reflux Clinic

Brian Tran is the Exercise Physiologist at The Hills Weight Loss & Reflux Clinic