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Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss

For some people, maintaining a healthy weight can be impossible.

The Hills Weight Loss & Reflux Clinic has a number of options to surgically alter your stomach so that you feel full after smaller meals.

The procedures are well established and have few downsides, compared to the incredible benefits of being at a healthy weight.


Our bariatric surgery program

  • Initial consultation with Dr Lorenzo

    • Thorough history and examination to determine suitability for surgery and best approach needed
    • Calculating Basal Metabolic Index (BMI) score
    • May include further investigations to ensure best outcomes (such as radiology, endoscopy)

  • Medical bariatrics

    • Discussion of utilisation of newest agents available to kickstart your weight loss

  • Pre-operative assessment by psychologist

  • Surgery

    • State of the art private hospitals across Sydney (Norwest Private Hospital, Lakeview Private Hospital, Campbelltown Private Hospital and Westmead Private Hospital)

  • Post-surgical care

    • Follow up with Dr Lorenzo every second week until you are on a regular diet
    • Follow up with Dr Lorenzo every three months for first year and then every six months in the second year
    • Dietetics follow up: Four post-operative follow ups included in our package
    • Exercise physiologist follow up: starting six weeks post procedure to allow for full healing, then exercise journey start with four included follow ups with the physiologist.

Types of Surgery

Sleeve gastrectomy is the most commonly performed weight-loss surgery in Australia.

It involves removal of  approximately 80% of your stomach, creating a narrow tube. Your appetite will be reduced and you will full after a small amount of food. 

Dr Lorenzo will create a small pouch from the stomach and connect this pouch directly to the small intestine, bypassing two-thirds of the stomach.

This  restricts  both the amount you can eat and the amount of calories your body can absorb from the food.

Corrective surgery for people who have previously had bariatric surgery

Dr Lorenzo has special interest and training in revisional surgery for patients who suffer from weight regain or complications from previous weight loss surgery. This often requires converting those procedures to newer surgical options that could provide better outcomes for his patients.

This includes patients who had previous laparoscopic gastric band surgery or previous laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, and who now suffer from reflux or have experienced weight regain.